Tuesday, 4 April 2017

busy bee

Hello everyone.
well, I have been busy crafting as per normal. I may split this times craftiness into two posts. One now and one in a couple of days! I'll see how the time goes. so. lets start with parchment

this pattern is by Julie Roces. I love her designs, there is a close up too because there's so much work on this one! The more experienced class will tackle this card next lesson

this is a Judith Masden design, The less experienced class tackled this one earlier tonight, lets just say  they need to work on it! :) but I'm sure when they come to the next lesson they will have mastered it!
below is a close up of the daffodil.

another Judith design. this is for  the next lesson for the less experienced.. it will be a interesting lesson! so many crosses and colouring over the pattern for the first time!
opp's a scrappy page slipped in. this is my youngest daughter Angela who was 4 years old here and is now in her 30's. Isn't she pretty? and she grew up into a beautiful lady too!
below is a card made ready for the more experienced class in a few weeks time,grid work and colouring,

so now I will post this set of work and then tomorrow load the rest of the scrapbooking, its not easy to type has I cut my finger wide open with a craving knife, So, the nurse had to dress it, and she went to town with the bandage and my poor finger is now four times the size due to being wrapped and wrapped. Tomorrow  I can remove it for a plaster! thankfully,, I was so pleased with myself.. I didn't swear! honest I didn't swear,,,
So, take care and spread the love. Remember we are all different . All have our own ways and opinions it makes the world a more interesting place,, we just need to celebrate the differences more and  embrace them all. 

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