Tuesday, 11 April 2017

mixed batch

I have a mixed batch to upload tonight. So, lets start....with art journal stuff
the above is my, once again, trying to draw. Ha! trying being the word! I was using a new (to me) pen a acrylic paint maker pens. I like them but the tip  is quite broad so would like them better if they were double ended. There's some texture paint on her too and blend- able pencil and watercolour. So quite a few different mediums.

Now these two, oh dear where in my head did this happen! I started off nose drawing and ended up with a wild woman. I just had fun with her and get the pencil speed across the card. later i added colour. I just thought well, may as well go the whole hog!

next is scrappy stuff
so above are two older photos. Chloe is now 21yrs. here she is 2 yrs. wearing her Granddad's hat. It was a page I made for a UKS challenge. I used Kassiercraft rub ons and bo bunny paper and a few bits and bobs like chipboard words and mdf flowers.

so here above is a photo taken on Chloe;s 21st. Mother  and daughters.... I used mainly pink and black.. I have had a small pad of square  card for ages so I thought I would use it here. I added sequins and a cluster of flowers below are close ups so you can see better.

so here we have another UKS challenge page and a close up of detail. these three lovely people run to raise money for Macmillan. I am so proud of them

and one last one  

granddaughter Chantel,lovely has ever!
so one piece of parchment and I am done!
pattern by Judith Malsden .
so people, its been a funny old week and not all nice news I guess. What with people in USA being dragged off planes via force.. and Areas in Russia setting up concentration camps for gay men! SHAME ON THEM! what can I say...everyone is different. we are all human... we all like different things and have different ways and tastes and ideas. Lets embrace all that stuff...it makes the world a better place.  Do whatever floats your boat-- and let  others float theirs their way...  spread the love and embrace life folks ... and whoever you find love with and where-ever.. just hold on to it... the world needs all the love it can get right now.
till next time!


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