Wednesday, 19 April 2017

busy crafter

Good evening all, How are you this evening? I hope well and happy. I have decided I will try to miss all the election buff on telly, through the letterbox, on radio, etc etc and craft! so...what have I been up too? first parchment.. Below the ladies..I made two versions of this card. I did that because the more experienced of my classes will make this card and I wanted to show them how different she looks when you change the tones of her hair, skin and eyes and lips. Maybe add a different colour bead in the flower on the hair. She is coloured in blend-able pencils and the design is by Judith Maslen.
Here is the Gypsy! Again a Judith Maslen pattern. I asked Judith if there was going to be a peddler or gypsy to go with the caravan. I did  show you that card on a earlier post. Judith, kind and lovely lady that she is, not to mention talented...designed the card  and people seem to love her pattern. She is dorsed on the back. Which is blend-able pencil and then you smooth out or spread the colour with a little fragrant  oil.

so now scrapbooking. challenges on UKS do keep me scrapping. and I love raising to the challenge of them. Sometimes they take me out of my comfort zone and I have to try different things or a different style.
 So above is a page for the sketch challenge. The lady running this picks a page from the UKS gallery and then turns that into a working sketch. We all have to use the sketch has the base of our page. It doesn't have to be a copy, just take elements  from the sketch and do your own version. Do you scrap? Maybe you can try using my version in the same way and see what you come up with. Its called scrap-lifting. Below is a close up of the top left corner of the page. Sometimes a close up helps you see detail better :) That baby in the photo is now 19 years old! I have so many older photos that need scrapping.
Next, this page is for a weekly challenge. I had to use Easter/spring has a theme a pink/purple/cream/green palette and use five different embellishments. So, I used a selfie taken with my youngest daughter
below are two close ups. I used several colours of narrow ribbon to make the bow and added a tassel and I used a cluster of die-cuts.

Last of all, a page for yet another challenge. I had to use vintage, three items from a long list and ripping and tearing... These are photos taken in the 1980's myself and Daughter Angela. the same daughter in the selfie above... a few years have passed by .LOL I really enjoyed making this one. I just inked and I went through some old junk journal stuff I have in a bag. I found denim, sandpaper, canvas bits. and that old inked feather! I just had fun seeing what worked for a seaside page.
Here's the close ups. Below that feather! I love it

In the one below some MDF chicken wire and canvas bits.

Well folks. That's it for this time. I hope you enjoyed what you have seen. I wish you all a goodnight and sweet dreams. Take care of yourselves and remember folks spread the love and keep the peace.
until next post...


  1. I LOVE that inked feather!! Another lovely blog post Lynn! x

  2. Lynn, these are utterly amazing. I'm always in awe of your parchment work. The two ladies look so different. It's nice to see the contrasts.

    I love your explanations about your work. Very well written. Keep up the great work xx