Tuesday, 21 March 2017

more crafty-ness

Hello everyone. I have been busy since I last blogged. I am starting off with parchment work . The first being a design from Judith Maslen   has is the second (cupcake) card. Both of these will be used for lessons.

The daises are a card that was included in a recent Parchment Craft magazine. Again made for a sample on a lesson.

the card below is a Louquada design. A lot of grid work for the more experienced ladies to work on!

Now scrapbooking. below is a UKS challenge. My two daughters are the subject. I had to use scraps and chipboard  and leave white space. For those not used to scrapbooking, white space is a larger area of un-used space, whatever the colour!
next, again is for a UKS challenge where I had to follow a sketch. I was able to use up lots of frames I had had in my stash for far to long! Like quite a few other things but I am slowly using up older stash!

Last but not least, is another weekly challenge for UKS. Its myself and daughter in law Tina. I had to use yellow, gems, black and white photo and a one word title. I used the packaging technique for the first time to make the background.

well , that's it for this post. I have no idea who is viewing the blog if anyone... so please leave a message or feel free to follow me. Remember people spread the love, accept folks for what they are not what you wish them to be...smile and laugh...its far better for you then being miserable and angry! :)and I'll hopefully be back at a later date with more of my crafty makes


  1. Lovely scrapbooking pages Lynn! Some wonderful memories by the look of it! I could never get my head around scrapbooking, but you seem to have some lovely ideas! xx

  2. Woohoo..so many fab pages