Thursday, 2 March 2017

first crafty makes for March

Good evening all. How are you all keeping? Well I hope and avoiding coughs and colds that seem  to be doing the rounds! Lighter and longer days will soon be here! so, much better for parchment craft when there is a natural light.
So, at last a post with some parchment! The first one is a Anne Quinn pattern . Its a rocking card and the petals on the flowers are 3D I used this one for a class, I teach two groups of ladies.
the one below is a Geraldine Price  pattern and once again made to show the more experienced group of ladies what they are aiming to make.

Next a little bit of mixed media. I have no idea where this is heading, I am going with the flow. playing with paint. Art journalling is NOT my strong point. but its fun and you only fail if you don't try Right? and anyway crafting is supposed to fun!
and so last but not least is scrapbooking. Both of these are for challenges over at UKS. the first is Jibba Jabba fun at Christmas. The paper is   Oh Joy collection.. by >> oh dear that info escapes me!
this one below is for the whisper swap over on UKS I get sent a email with a photo attachment of a page someone else has made and I have to lift it. and then pass my version on to the next person in the line and at the end of a few months we shall see how the pages have changed. We all set a page off into the circle. Its fun to see how the pages change has they get passed along. I used magnolia jane paper by Heidi Swapp for this backed by a old K&co paper by Brenda Walton called damask then the base layer is plain card.

So, that's it for this post. Take care of yourselves please feel free to leave a comment or follow me.
remember to  be nice and smile and spread the love. We are all different in some way , Which is good, it makes life interesting and fun and we can learn from each other. SO throw someone a hug or smile you never know you may make a friend or cheer up someones day!

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