Sunday, 21 September 2014


Today I reached the ripe old age of 62. I don't feel 62! In my head I'm still 21! LOL
I had a great day, lots of love, cards, presents and cake ! OMG the cake is yummy :) I sliced into it and the chocolate beans fell out!  I refused to count calories on my birthday and that cake serves 24! and there is me and Leo to eat it! Wish me luck or should I say wish my waistline luck LOL!  In fact I had two breakfasts today. I had cereal at home then Karen and Kez took me out for a cooked birthday breakfast! Tomorrow is my wedding anniversary. Has my daughter said the years still count. Trouble is sadly there were not enough of them . I never could get enough of a good thing! I married the best ever...and in my heart and mind  that will never change,I will always be married because I shall never love like that again....

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