Sunday, 1 October 2017

Hello Autumn

Hello Everyone, Autumn weather is here windy and cold and wet! and early dark nights and    darker  mornings. I have some parchment and some scrapping to show you. I have had a fab time away at Disney Paris, a surprise birthday treat from my awesome family. and I will be scrapping the photos for ages I have so many! But that is for another time.
Below is a pattern by Dorthy Holness something a little different. When it stands its like a tall square.But it will fold flat for posting. I painted the flowers with felt tips and a damp paint brush . doing a few layers to build up colour. The lace panels are worked separate and sewn onto card then added to the main piece, they hide where the flowers have been released from the main parchment at the folds. there is a close up up to show the panels

Scrapbooking. I am still catching up scrapping events. 
First is granddaughter Chantel. a couple of snap chat shots. I loved these so I just had to scrap them. I used my minc machine, first time in ages to add foil detail to the square tag. I managed to be able to use the negative of that  too behind the main square.

Below is a close up of the minc foil. the stars are snip art. I have a square of thin chipboard stars and has the name suggested I just used scissors to snip them up into the size I wanted.

 The Zoo in July. Chester Zoo was brilliant.  Wide huge enclosures for the animals, a boat ride, and a bat walk, Which I will never do again, yuk. dark and smelly and bats nudging your hair!no thanks!lol
I took this close up to show that once the arrow paper clip is removed and map still opens

Well that's it for this post. I hope everyone is well and happy. Thought for this time....
"If you are looking for a friend without faults..then you will never have any friends!"
worth remembering, we all have faults, no-one is prefect... so lets enjoy people has they are instead of trying to change them into what we want them to be!
take care out there and see you all next post..whenever that will be!

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