Sunday, 17 September 2017

last post for September

Hello everyone, this is the last blog post for this month. I'm going to be busy spending some time with some very important people, well they are to me! my Family! Soon its my birthday and I'm going to celebrate turning 65yrs...gosh how did I get that old! LOL
so, I'll start with the one scrapping page. Its of my eldest daughter and myself taken in June  after a group of us had enjoyed a afternoon tea. I have added a close up of the flower it is chip board and I painted it with gesso and acrylic paint. There are more scrappy pages in progress. Just not finished...yet!

So, parchment. still working on Christmas Cards. Below is a Tina Cox design. I seem to have a small addiction to sticky ink! I have used it quite a lot on cards this year.
Anne Quinn is a lovely designer and she is so kind and shares a lot of her designs free! You get a basic pattern and you do your own version! Simple. below are some of Anne's designs

Baking! I discovered Russian piping nozzles! I still need to get the hang of getting two tone colours but I had great fun trying. not to mention a bit messy I have never picked up a piping bag before in my life! My eldest daughter bakes and I'm hoping for a pipping lesson!

Another of Anne Quinn's designs its a lovely tree design which can be parched many ways

. Snowflakes Peace On Earth is also a Anne Quinn design. Thats a nice thought isn't it? Peace On Earth...hopefully one day everyone will wake up and realize that bombs and guns are not the answer! talking and discussing it..may take longer but its better!

 Love these penguins! same design (Anne Quinn again) done two different  colour ways goes to show how changing colours can make a card look totally different.
Well, that's it from me. It is certainly getting chillier, so time to pop on the electric blanket , make a hot chocolate and snuggle down with catch up telly. 
So just remember we are all different, it is a joy discovering new people and what makes them special. Think how boring life would be if we were all the same, had the same ideas  liked the same things. Were good at the same stuff???? So differences make life interesting! Embrace it, enjoy it, celebrate it! But allow everyone to be their own brand of special and accept people for who they are...
spread the love, see you in October!

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  1. My goodness Lynn - you put me to shame with those Christmas cards!! Not even thought about doing any yet(I shall pay for that I know!) Love those cakes, you would never know that you had never done any piping! I absolutely love that photo of you and your daughter - you look stunning in that one! Love the flower too - clever lady! x