Sunday, 3 September 2017

parchment post

Good evening everyone. I hope everyone is well and happy. Rather wet here in Cumbria and windy too. I hope the weather is better where you are. So, Christmas Parchment craft is under way. Parchment takes time, it certainly isn't a quick craft. So, I have started Christmas cards early. Here are the ones I have made so far. Below is a Judith Maslen pattern of a Victorian girl. Coloured in blendable pencil.
Below are two colour versions of the same pattern. A insert of blue parchment is added and a gold gel pen used for the writing I have added a close up.

This pattern can be found along with the three wise men and others in Parchment Craft Magazine.A monthly magazine which is reasonable in price and offers lots of patterns for various skill levels.
I use liquid pearls and gems in the top of the design which is traced in pearlized  ink.I used sticky ink to add the glitter outline on the angel. I changed it a little from the pattern printed in the mag, but it's fine to let your imagination loose.    Again I have added a close up.

Below is a Mary Kerr pattern Simple but smart I feel. I have added flat backed pearls onto the tree. Well, it will be for Christmas so we do need bling and glitter don't you think! LOL
below is a close up of the tree. Green parchment is used on this card.Has well has the plain type.

Below is a Tina Cox pattern. Quite a modern design and fun to make. Glitter added to the berries of course ! 

So, I hope you have enjoyed having a look at what I have made so far. Any questions about parchment craft please ask I'll do my best to answer. I am a PCA tutor. 
Well, take care out there and be happy and remember folks spread the love and make the world a better place! Until next post...byeeeeeeee

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