Friday, 27 October 2017

last post for October

Good evening folks. the earlier nights are drawing in so quickly now. Time to draw the curtains and put the fire on and tea-times of stews and casseroles and warming fare . maybe the odd hot chocolate topped with cream or that hot toddy! 
 this will  be my last post for October. I have a mix of parchment and scrapbooking. First of all two cards I will use for wedding anniversaries. The red one is backed with a nice luxury Kanban paper. and pearls in the centre of the flowers. the rings are painted in with gold ink. The teddies are a bit of fun I think.Both were cards I really enjoyed working on.
Below are two cards designed my Judith Maslen. the Santa was a free pattern. Judith is very kind and often offers a new free pattern on her web page. The horse looks simple but it is a little tricky to emboss. the colours are dorsed from the rear of the card.I added a close up of the horse.

Next a card by Zully from the Parchment Craft Magazine December 2015. This one took me some time to make mainly because for some reason getting the grid design to go around the corners just wouldn't work out right! My fault entirely, I just had a mental block! But I am glad I kept the faith and kept on trying and then that feeling when it all falls right and someone turns the light on! LOL snowflakes were supposed to be grid worked but I hold my hands up and I used die cuts. I had spent so much time in making this card I just wanted it done!

close up of that grid work!

Leo. Leo gallops up the stairs and then has to wait for me to join him. I use a stair  lift and its slow. It always seems he sits there looking at me and I can see him thinking "Will you hurry up" It is a page I made for a challenge on a web page

Disney page. sorry for the flash glare on this

it is   a page made for UKS weekly challenge. I needed to use more then 4 patterned papers, a camera icon, one photo, butterflies and stamping. I stamped the date on the camera but the glare from the flash hides that. I used a Bramble fox perspective SMILE in the bottom right corner.
Well, that is all folks for this month. I have no idea what I shall be working on next. I have nothing started on my table, so tomorrow I will find something new.
Each day offers new challenges for us all, we all have that in common whatever our lives are like, we all face challenges in one way or another at some time or another. So, lets help others when we can, accept the differences between us, whatever they may be. Learn to agree to disagree and sort out the problems by talking, communicating not fighting and being  unkind to each other.
Smile and be happy people-- spread the love!
feel free to leave a comment if you wish,
see ya next time!


  1. Oh Lynn those Heart cards are gorgeous! I especially love the red one - very romantic! I have to say I think I would have used die cuts for the snowflakes too on the Christmas card...It is lovely, glad you persevered!! The little pony one is so cute too. Oh I love to see your scrapbook pages, so many lovely memories captured there. Another lovely post Lynn - enjoy the casserole season! xx

  2. thank you Lynn glad you like seeing what I make. its very encouraging! that someone comments!