Tuesday, 10 July 2018


Hello!Anyone sweating????LOL I guess everyone is in this heat, and I guess the nerves are all a dangle hoping England can get in the semi's of the World cup. I have been crafting away and have a few things to add to the blog. I also have to say  CONGRATULATIONS to my granddaughter Chloe for graduating from Lancaster Uni.. so proud of her and all the hard work and  years of study she has put in....
 I have made some parchment cards using patterns that appealed to me and I wanted  to get some male themed cards in my box. I loved this one in Parchment Craft Magazine. I loved the idea of a hidden globe which is something a little different. I added a close up so you could see it.

Next a Christine Coleman pattern. I used this one for a class. Coloured in blendable pencils and the grid work is done on a straight bold grid. Its a golden oldie pattern. I love the older ones.

 the close up below shows you how this card folds, its not the normal way. I thought it pretty. Think how it would look in a different colour, or even multi coloured butterflies.
Again, a male theme. I had never coloured a fish before It was a challenge. The outer is green parchment and the rest of the design is worked on a second layer of normal parchment and coloured in blendable pencils.

A close up of that fish!

 Another Christine Coleman pattern coloured in blendable pencils. I really enjoyed making this one.
and. drum roll please...a scrapbook page..yay, I found some mo-jo. It is Chantel and Jordan's dogs Harrold and Zeus, just keeping an eye on the neighbours....

Well, folks that's it for now. I am busy stripping wallpaper and its been too hot for much crafting, But then its been good to sit and read a lot in the sunshine.
Like always please spread the love,be nice, treat others has you want to be treated and keep safe out there! Oh and of course

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  1. Another lovely blog Lynn! I have to say I'm with you in that I LOVE the older patterns! I couldn't choose a favourite out of these...But you have done a fabulous job with colouring that fish! I love the first one two, with the globe, really unusual. The Christine Colman one with the round pattern on it is very pretty! Everytime I read your blog I get all enthused and think I'll dig out all my parching stuff, and then I remember I've got so many wips in the form of needle felting, knitting, crochet...And I'm sure many more! Love the doggie scrapbook page too by the way! xxx