Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Christmas is a comin'

Hello everyone, are you in the Christmas spirit yet? Singing Carols, wrapping prezzies etc.? I am having a different holiday this year to my normal one. I will blog now and then if I get chance to blog again before the season of goodwill..we shall see.. but I want to thank everyone who looked at my blog this year. thank you for encouraging words on here and Facebook etc. first of all scrapbooking. I am still making Disney memories. First of all is my good self with Mickey!
Below is what for me, was the best of the parade! Maleficent! I loved it, its moved, blew bubbles, looked impressive. I  added with sticky backed gem swirls and a die  cut to complete the page.

a close up of the sticky backed gem swirls

next is daughter Karen with Mary Poppins!

parchment... I am so pleased I have at last finished making Christmas cards for this year! I have been making them since August below is a Florence Holmes design.

Next is a Anne Quinn design. I'm not over pleased with this one   but I was experimenting with different inks and pearl  paints and added felt tip painting into the mix. Not a total success. but you can't win them all.

Florence Homes again a tri-fold card. pictures that shows the outer and inner card.

two more, Joy by Linda Williams and the postbox by Judith Maslen

again a tri-fold design by  Florence Holmes and a picture showing the inside
this card you may remember I have shown before has a Christmas card, I was asked to turn it into a birthday card, so, it is a mix up, horse design by Judith Maslen oval by Florence Holmes and edging designed by Anne Quinn I just mixed and matched!

someone told me a quote tonight. it was " Don;t look down on anyone unless its to help them up!" I thought that was excellent. We are all equal may not in terms of money or status, but we are all born     and we shall all depart this life it is what we do the middle that counts. Lets make it a good story, kindness, a smile, accepting people for what and who they are, helping out where and when we can if only listening or not judging ... treating others has you wish to be treated yourself.

so, may I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very Happy Healthy  New Year..
see you all soon

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  1. Beautiful post again Lynn! I love the way you've done the Disney pages - those gem swirls, they really go with the Maleficent page well! How good are you making all of your Christmas cards!! They are all lovely, and your painting is gorgeous! My favourite is the little Victorian girl with the dog and the postbox...really pretty. Lovely quote Lynn, and I so agree with you about treating others as we would wish to be treated, it costs nothing to show compassion to others. I wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year as well. Sending love and Christmas hugs! xxxx