Thursday, 3 August 2017

Hello August

Hello everyone. I hope everyone is well. I hope you have sunshine too! In my part of the world its been a wet and windy start to the new month!  But never mind, there has to be better weather arriving sometime at least I hope so! I am getting very fed up getting soaked while walking the dog!
So, time again to update my crafty blog. Parchment first. The rose is a design by Christine Coleman  and we used this one for a lesson.
Next is a design JD Crafts. simple to do but the trick is cutting out without breaking any of the design, a little tricky when it is just thin lines between the cutting areas.
 This will be for a lesson along with the vase and rose card below.
The vase and rose. Judith  Maslen design. The students will be able to choose which design to make in class and which to do  as homework practice 

a close up of the rose. In the background you can see something of my crafty mess. I use the dining room table. It is always covered in crafty stuff. Its more my craft space/room then the dining room.

MY MESS! is below! there is a table under there somewhere...honest! And this is quite tidy for me!
Scrap-booking. I love keeping the memories for the family. I just know in  the future they will look back at the albums and I hope enjoy them and the memories they hold. This is myself and granddaughter Chloe taken at Chester zoo. I am so blessed to have the family I have! they   may not totally understand my crafty obsessions but they keep sending me the photos to scrap and put up with it all.

Chloe again has a baby. I did this page for a sketch challenge over on UKS

Last of all Chloe is 21! Yippeee Happy Birthday well, she was in March! LOL I only just got around to doing something with the photos. Isn't she pretty?Inside and out a real gem and a brain box too. Poole queen at her Uni. Hence the Poole table cake  made by her talented baker Mom. I think I need to get scrapping other family members now don't you? :)
So, this is it for my first August post. Not been too busy so far. But I have finished the Christmas gift makes. I'll show those at the year end. Don't want to spoil the surprise for those receiving  the items I made.
Well, keep smiling people, be nice, I know its hard sometimes but it is worth the effort.. we all have bad days and you never know you smiling at someone just might cheer them up a little and brighten their day! take care and keep safe out there..until next post byeeeeeee

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