Monday, 10 October 2016

can;t sleep so.....

Here's the parchment card I have been working on. Its in the Parchment Craft Magazine and designed by Nettie Kramer. I used oil based pencils to colour the first layer and then used aqua pencils on top. It's called the wet and dry technique. The oil pencils protect the parchment, (which hates water), from the water colouring. It was a nice one to do.

I have started a new 5d painting and I have been looking through the older parchment mags and picked out three patterns I would like to try out. I really should be doing Christmas cards. I don't need many and should make a start.

I am still having some discomfort with the muscles in my leg and I think while walking the dog I'll have to go back to using a crutch until they heal. Its quite painful and they need time. I am a bit upset at taking the backwards step but hey ho. No need to build it up into a bigger problem in my mind then it really is!

So I need to try and sleep so sweet dreams keep safe and remember be nice out there!

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