Wednesday, 26 October 2016

been busy

Good Morning everyone out there in Blog-land! How are we all doing today? Fit and healthy I hope. No doubt getting ready for Christmas. I have made a start on prezzie buying and making the odd card.
This post is a mixed post
  of scrapping and parchment
remember I posted a while back, some stitching I had done and I had no idea what was to become of it? Well. here it is! The poppies are in my garden. I love poppies.Wear yours with Pride! Its that time of year we all honour those who gave their life to defend freedom. We WILL remember and indeed should NEVER forget.

This is a page from a holiday in Florida. some of my family went there on hols this year and the younger ones went to Disney. Well you are never too old for Mickey Mouse and friends are you? :)
The paper was sent to me by a good friend in the USA. I made a inverted frame for the photo and then added fine glitter and some tiny gems to the paper and I think that is about all its needs. The patterned paper is Scrapbook Customs... I used a second sheet of 12x12 card for the base. No one was going to see it, so I used a sheet of card that I had had ages and didn't think I would use. It was a all over glittered pink and been in the stash for ages. I thought it uses it up and that's better then just throwing it away!
More Mickey Mouse this time in Paris. My two daughters and one of their hubbies did the 5k and 10k run in September. here will be more pages showing them all dressed up.

so, parchment just the two but I am working on a the next one! Simple designs but effective. 
So, quite a few news things added this morning. I am sitting here listening too Phil Collins on the CD player. Lovin' Michael Buble's new CD, It has to be the best he has put out there, I know I love all his stuff but this CD is really worth the listen... the Phil Collins is called "The Singles"  old and successful faves mixed with the songs that didn't quite make it big. Easy listening. 
I am still struggling with the muscles in my leg but slowly they are repairing.
Well, enjoy your day, remember folks as always, be kind out there, some people may be grumpy etc . OK they may just be grumpy :) but you never know what problems they are dealing with. spread the love!

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