Thursday, 10 May 2018

first post for May

good evening all.
I hope everyone is well and enjoying some sunshine. I thought I would do a quick post to show what I have been doing.I haven't  really made  that much this time. The first card is a pattern by Judith Maslen called Little Rosebud.
Again a pattern by Judith Maslen which she was kind enough to give us free. Its called Lord Of The Forest. I made this twice, once for a lesson sample and then so I had one to give on a birthday.

Below is a pattern by Christine Coleman. Coloured in Blendable pencils. Again one card, different backing card and different coloured pansies and you  see it looks totally different.

This is a pattern by Florence Holmes and coloured with felt tips

Last of all is a page from my art journal. I hand drew the unicorn, I am not  a artist! Far from it! I had one effort I was not pleased with so I used gesso to paint over it. This is the second attempt. I used pom-poms on ribbon and pearls on a string topped with a bow for the tail. For the mane I used ribbon roses and pearls on string and a bow. I used white paint to colour the unicorn. Then a stencil of stars and acrylic paint for a background. I used gold gel pen and gold paint for the horn.
so folks that is it for the first blog post of May. I have had pain issues with my neck so haven't been able to do has much craft work has normal. I hope you like what I have done. feel free to leave a comment here or Facebook etc.... 
Remember to spread the love folks
until next post. byeeeee 

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  1. Oh I'm loving that unicorn...Part of me wishes they were actually real ;) As for your cards, I absolutely love the stag one, Lord of the Forest indeed, he's magnificent! Florence's design is lovely too, so pretty. And who can resist a fairy...Magical, my great-granddaughters would love that one! Pansies are such sweet flowers, and your two cards illustrate this so well - lovely blog again Lynn xx