Tuesday, 13 February 2018

mid February post

Good evening, Here we are on the eve of Valentines day. Time is slipping by fast don't you think?  Its cold and snowy outside, best to stay warm and craft. Unless I need to walk the dog! and when a dog needs to go..he needs to go! Right!?

At last I can show you the pages  held back because of the whisper swap on Facebook. If you don't know what a whisper swap is I'll explain. Each week I received a message with a picture of someone else's page attached . Then I had to do my version of their page and the following week pass it on to the next in line. very much like a round robin. At the end the host revealed them all in order so we could see how each person's page had changed. There were four in each group this time.Leo was the page I set off on week one.
below is week two.

Below week 3

and below week 4 with a close up below that. So that is the scrapbook pages for this time. 2,3,4, are all from my holiday at Christmas. I used maps and mixed media, plus on page 3 used some volcanic stones we were given from the tour of the site of the main eruption on Lanzarote.

On-wards to my art journal! I can hear someone saying "That's art!"? LOL I started by drawing the face with the blonde hair and red hairband. I didn't like how she was coming along, then I decided to fill the page with different faces. I used blendable pencils for this. Three different makes. Jane Davenport Magic wands, which I love. The leads are creamy and the colours wonderful. Then I used Prisma  crayons.I love the colours but the leads are a little too soft and break so easy no matter which sharpener I use. Because of this I wouldn't buy this brand again. Last of all I used W.H.Smiths brands. These are a good starter crayon that are blendable and nice colours. I would and do recommend them to beginners on parchment. On parchment I love polys, but they are expensive and over £100 for a full set.

Below the above are close ups. I think I shall call this page. Diversity not division. we are all different in any number of ways and how we deal with those differences is what matters.  

Last of all parchment. Julie Roces pattern. from Parchment craft magazine. Front and side view. I enjoyed making this one. Something a little different from cards.
it will hand from a branch on my fairy light tree.

Well, that's all folks! I hope you enjoyed seeing the craft I have been busy with. What is next? Who knows? I have nothing on the table that is work in progress. Tomorrow I'm sure that will change!
Until next post, keep safe and keep warm. and be kind to yourself and others. I saw a quote on social media today. Remember   just because its bad day doesn't mean it's a bad life!
keep smiling.

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  1. Oooo, Lynn I feel you're spoiling us with so many lovely things!! I have to say, not only do I love seeing your makes on your blog posts, but also your writing!! You just have a way with words, and I love reading your positive words! Such lovely pages(I have a soft spot for Leo!) and that little bird house is very special. I agree with you about Prismas, I love the colours, and blendability, but they are very soft...However I shall use mine until they run out! Great read again my friend, keep on crafting! xx