Monday, 19 February 2018

Last post for this month

Good evening all, so far this evening hasn't been going well thanks to Windows and their never ending updates. I have been sitting here near on one hour waiting to use the laptop while they hijack MY device to update...and then make the laptop run ever so slow. Annoying!
I have some craft to show but its mostly if not all art journal pages. I do not pretend to be a artist, more like, I enjoy messing about with paints and pencils and glue and getting a bit messy and seeing what becomes of it! But first of all two new photos of my little dog Leo. I took these this afternoon.

now, the craft stuff.
This developed from my finding a large bat made of MDF. I decided it would make a great mask. I drew the face around that using it for a starting point. I used acrylic paint markers for the hair and Jane Davenport mermaid markers, for the skin and normal acrylic paint for the lips

                                                      above is a close up of the face. All images are my own so any thing similar  is by chance. I Know she looks like a sort of super hero but I didn't have that in my mind when I painted her. remember the little faces? well this   page below, I made to go next to it. I used the cling wrap method to get the background with pearl paints. then inks to add a small design on top. MDF wings and bits of bobs all brought from FERNLI. Metal wings  were in a treasure tin I brought from Craft Box..

                                                two close ups so you can see the detail better
My wooden boy. FERNLI  are makers of MDF laser die cuts. When I brought something from them ages ago they sent a little bag full of tiny, tiny off cuts. Thinking people maybe could use them for mixed media. Well, this is what I made with some of them. I just sat on the floor with the bag of bits and glue and had fun!
has you can see, they really were tiny bits and all shapes and sizes.

Meet All-sorts! Coloured in pencil.Like I say I don't pretend to be a artist! LOL and I have never seriously attempted to draw a dog before!
Well, I think I have added enough for this time. I will have scrapbooking for you next time and hopefully some parchment.
So take care and be nice out there! I really have been  disgusted this past week over the awful press reaction to two guys announcing they are going to be Dads.Everyone deserves respect. You may not agree with them but there's no need or place for the vile abuse that was out there. So understanding each other and agreeing to let people be who they want to be, as long has they are not hurting no one, seems to be a easy thing to do but sadly in some cases and areas of the press that basic seems to be sadly lacking. so please spread the love and treat folks has you want them to treat you.
until next time....

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  1. Awww...I think I'm a little bit in love with Leo(don't tell Flynn...Lol!. I love seeing all your other bits and pieces too. Clever use of all those little 'bits' he's quite a handsome chap! A partner for your masked lady I reckon! All-sorts is sooo cute, you keep saying you're not an artist, but in my mind you definitely are!xx