Monday, 29 January 2018

so fast!

Good evening all.
        Well , January certainly seems to have flew by fast! it'll soon be the month of love and hearts and flowers LOL.
               I have been busy, I can't show you everything I scrapped this time. I am in another whisper swap and we are not allowed to show the pages until the end when the host will reveal all! All hush-hush until then!
                The month is coming to a close so quickly now and the weather feels a tad milder. I had a wonderful walk today with my little dog Leo, sunshine and dry. Can't complain about that while we are still in winter. I do have a bad cold, but so does everyone else! It seems that way anyway! I'll start with scrapbooking. Jordan, the lovely chap that he is!  He really does need to take my advice and Look before he leaps! He thought a  hop over a low wall would land him on a walk way, but NO! he found a 36ft drop down the cliff instead. Lucky lad, it could have been a whole lot worse. I just had to scrap about this  mishap, couldn't resist it. GET WELL SOON!

So, now my effort with watercolour paints. I sketched this while on holiday. the tree and wheel being by the border fence at the villa where we were staying. I am not very good with water painting and drawing. I enjoy trying and that's what it is all about isn't it? Having fun. I finished the painting when I got home. I took a travel tin of watercolours with me on holiday. I have to say, they were really great , there was a small brush included   in the tin  I have two of these books on the go. One I am keeping for painting things like this , the other I'll use  as a art journal (AJ) for mixed media.
Lastly parchment! A design by Judith Maslen Coloured with blendable pencil.
well, that's it for this month folks. Thanks for taking an interest and feel free to leave a comment on here or Facebook/twitter. Its always good to hear what you think.
Take care of yourselves and remember to spread the love! 
see you all next time! 

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  1. Oh my goodness that scrapbook page made me wince!! I suppose it could have been worse....But not much! Definitely lends itself to a scrapbook page!! I love your little picture Lynn, I am going to start having a go at some sketching and painting myself this year - and seeing this has spurred me on! As for the parchment work, that is, as ever, gorgeous! You are one very talented lady! So glad you had a nice walk with Leo today - I did take Flynn out, but it was rather overcast and drizzly. I did watch three seals having fun in the shallows though, so that made up for it! xx