Monday, 20 November 2017

hello again

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well and I'm sure most if not all of you are busy planning Christmas and getting shopping done.  Now the Chinese whisper swap reveal is done I can show you some pages I have added to my scrapbook. First of all is a page showing Chloe my granddaughter who ran a 10k at Disney Paris. Dressed has Minnie Mouse ready to party for Disney 25th anniversary.
Below is a page of my birthday meal and when I found out I was going to Disney. One picture is of my amazing family and the other my good self with my Donald Duck cake which was amazing and made by daughter Karen

Lastly a page for Halloween. My son Paul and his wife Tina at a party. I fussy cut the ghost paper which I think is a fun patterned paper and ideal for the photo. I added some die cuts of ghosts and a witch on a broom etc.

Now parchment! Below one design made two ways! Pattern by Mary Kerr. I love her designs They are amazing to make. I used micro beads in the centre of the flowers on one card and on the other liquid pearls. I also used some glitter on the petal edges on the  card on the right.
Here is a close  up of the design so you can see the difference in the effects in the flower centres.

Below, again are designed Mary Kerr  . same pattern made to ways.

A close up so you can see how mounting on a different colour card can affect the card. One is a tent fold and the other a standing fold, with backing paper added to the back I also used different glitters. the green one has a fine white glitter and the blue one, a glitter designed to look more like snow

My next one is a Anne Quinn pattern. I gave one of my classes this pattern and told them to  enjoy having fun. I haven't seen what they did with it yet, something I looking forward too. I used 3d. I 3D'ed the two ladies first and then finally just the lady in yellow/green.  The gentleman just remains flat .

Now a Judith Maslen pattern. I asked Judith if she had a Christmas pattern with a horse on. She is brilliant at designing cards that are easy to make and look stunning. This one is no different. The horse is painted in black ink, but  you could use a brush marker . To make it darker it is painted front and back of the parchment.

Again,  a pattern by Judith. I will use this one in a lesson. My class need to have practice to understand a printed grid pattern instruction. This one will be ideal. its easy to do and has several different patterns included

A close up of the dolphin design.

So, that is what I have been busy making. I hope you enjoy having a look at my handy work. 
Take care out there but remember to be nice. Spread the love and understanding folks. Make the world a better place by a smile and if you can't say anything positive or nice  remember its best not to say anything at all. Life can be hard enough without nastiness and prejudice and malice. So smile say something nice and look on the bright side. until next post byeeeeee

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