Saturday, 4 February 2017

Hello February

Hello and good evening all, It is just about still evening. I can't sleep so trotted off to the kitchen to make a hot drink and thought I would update the blog has you do at this time of night!
A couple of parchment pieces first of all. One a card and the other a framing piece. The card with the cats is a design by Linda Williams and the framing piece is by Kanny. both  patterns are in the parchment craft mag summer special of 2014!

Next I have entered the wonderful world of planners! 

I decided to go for a recipe planner to start me off. I intend to only add recipes I have tried and like and will make again. My planner is a Me and My Big Ideas planner available from Hey Little Magpie.I brought a boxed kit so I got the planner and a few stickers and things to use with it. But they do have different ones available. I have photoed the cover for you to see and my first page. Baked egg peppers. I intend to do with every recipe like I have on this first page take a photo after I have made it and give it a star rating.Tom's Daily Plan by Tom Daley is where this recipe hails from. Its a excellent book, recipes that are easy and you can get what you need from any supermarket, easy to cook and nice simple everyday food which is good to eat but still healthy. there's simple exercises no gym fees or special treadmills etc and life hacks to help you manage the sweet tooth... and boy do I have one of those! The book is available on Amazon and good book stores! So, I'll let you know how the planner develops... I have brought things like Smash books before which are sadly sitting on the shelf unused!  But, the planner is already underway so that's got to be a good sign! Go me! 
so now I bid you all goodnight....sleep well my friends and remember be kind and nice and if you can't say anything good  don't say anything at all! 

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