Sunday, 24 August 2014

Hello, My name is Lynn, I live in Cumbria with my little dog Leo.
I am a widow and have a wonderful family who live in the south.. I am a mother and grandmother and great grandmother! we moved north quite a few years ago now, we are happy here and even called the house "Contentalot".
I enjoy crafting but mainly scrapbooking and parchment craft.
I thought I would start a blog, see how many people call in to say hello and to share my crafting
foul ups and the things that seem to work out just right. I want to share bits of life with Leo too.
Crafting is important to me has it has helped me a great deal with the reactive depression since Kevin my wonderful hubby died in 2012... Kevin was my life's anchor, and still is, I miss him very much and I have so many happy memories. Its been hard for us all being without him..
I will turn 62 years old on Sept.21st this year getting old now! LOL
I am a member of UKScrappers  a scrapbooking site and found many like  minded friends on there.
friends are so important don't you think? they are the family you pick for yourself! I am in a team  called glitterbugs lovely people and we share life's ups and downs and support each other through thick and thin!
So I hope you will enjoy looking at my blog... drop in say hello and comment ask questions about the crafting...
hugs Lynn

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