Friday, 13 April 2018

unlucky for some..maybe

Good Morning! Well, Friday the 13th! Some people will want to stay out of harms way I guess depends how superstitious you are! I am a tiny bit I suppose. I won't walk under a ladder, and I started today thinking if it can go wrong today it will! Has the computer is running slow, lets hope that is the extent of any gremlins! Its another wet day. no surprise there then. I see the lappy has decided to change font all on its own..clever old thing LOL :) All  sorts of things reloading onto here after another long Windows update, they so annoy me, yet it seems you can't stop auto updates on a personal PC for windows 10. If you can, and anyone knows how please let me know! I've been up in the early hours to watch the Commonwealth Games diving sync  10m..YAY go Tom Daley and Dan Goodfellow GOLD! I'll need a power nap later for sure!
 So, I'll start with parchment this time.
This is a pattern by Carol Hadlow from Parchment craft Mag in 2013. I love this one, adding the 3D flowers. It took some time but worth it. I have added to close up too. I just picked out a magazine from my huge pile and I'm working my way through it, making the patterns I like the most! I used liquid pearls for details

Pattern is from the same mag but this time by Heather Thomas. I loved the verse on this, I traced it with gold gel pen. Coloured flowers with polys.

Next is same mag, I did say I was working my way through it! LOL This time by Pat Murphy. I didn't add all the smaller detail into the out line frame I didn't feel it needed it. I liked it simple and neat. I added a pre brought ribbon and bead bow. It has been painted in felt tips or has we call them PCE's (Perga colours exclusive) any water based felt tips will do the job.

So, now scrapbooking, below are the last pages being scrapped from the Christmas holiday. Go Kart day! I cut squares from shiny black card and used white has the base card. I used a dye-cutter to cut the little cars and pro markers to add colour

Next, family meals by the sea! Good company, good food, good wine, sunshine. Lovely days happy memories.

last but not least!  Family at a cocktail bar. I won't tell you what the bill was at the end of the sitting but   lets just say and cocktails were varied, yummy and flowing. LOL I used various bits and bobs from 12x12 sticker sheets to make up the bunting. The paper is chalkboard collection.

So, that's it from me for now. My little dag has gone to the groomer, I'm about to turn off the CD and Phil Collins and go turn on BBC in the hope they repeat the diving from the early hours! So, remember folks be kind, be nice and spread the love.... until next time enjoy your day!

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