Wednesday, 21 March 2018

frosty start today

Good Morning everyone, frosty start to the day in Cumbria! But the sun is shining, it may not be the warmest yellow ball of fire, but at least its trying to shine!
I have some craft to show you  a mix of scrapping and parchment. I haven't done heaps because of pain issues in my back and neck. Lack of sleep hasn't helped either, but upwards and on wards has they say, or have I got that the wrong way about! Bad luck to change it now! So, here I go....parchment first, The first one is a little Easter basket. Pattern by Christine Coleman. I filled the basket with chocolate eggs and a tiny bunny and chick on some shredded green paper. I made a few of these as small tokens for friends.
Below is a design by Dorothy Holiness from her Embossing book. I gave this to a class for homework. Be interesting to see how they get on with it. I do keep repeating myself, slowly and emboss in layers leaving the layers to rest each time, you can't rush it. with embossing, you can add but once you do the work then it can't be rubbed out like crayon!

below a close up. It can get confusing has some of the work will need embossing from the front,embossing is mainly done from the back you see. Always use a piece of cling film or cellophane under your tool when embossing from the front or it could mark your work.  

this is from a Pergamano M104 book. Using a red parchment under the  regular type.

so onward to scrapbooking, pages from my trip to Lanzarote. I had these cardboard frames for a while and I had lots of photos of views so I combined them to make the page. colouring the frames pastel colours. and a die for the hammock and trees. I just cut the die a few times and used the trees on their own and 3D'ed the hammock.

a close up of the die. Pro markers are used for the colouring.

Next Mothers day. This is my eldest daughter Karen with me. I was spoilt rotten by all my grown kiddies! LOL but Karen and her hubby were up north with me on the day.

Below Maraca Del Rio. We went on a drive high up one day to see this view. You paid to get in, but worth it and it wasn't expensive. The view was wonderful. "I can see for Miles and miles." that old Who song kept coming into my head.! Showing my age now! With the views are photos of myself with my two lovely daughters and two granddaughters.

Last a parchment card. I made this twice, once for the lesson and once to give to a friend. It shows how what you mount your work on makes a difference. The one on the left is mounted of pastel rainbow paper backed with white card. The one on the right is mounted on bright rainbow card. Its a Ann Jennings pattern.

Well folks. I hope you have a fabulous day. Remember be nice out there Everyone has their own problems, some are worse then others. So, show a little understanding. not everyone is having a great day! A little love and a smile can go a long way.... spread happiness and kindness and leave the hate and intolerance behind... the world doesn't need it....all we need is LOVE right???? Me? I'm off to chase dust bunnies and wait for the Tesco man to deliver the shopping! What an exciting life I lead eh???   
             take care out there and SMILE.. 

and  u

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  1. Oh Lynn, that little Easter basket is gorgeous!! I love Dorothy Holness patterns...Embossing is just so lovely. I have to say it tried my patience having to 'rest' the parchment in between sessions, but it DOES make such a difference when you do it properly!! Nice reminders of your holiday, and Mothers Day, with the scrapping too! Don't work too hard chasing those dust bunnies ;)