Thursday, 15 June 2017


Hello everyone, Well,  it's been another sad week.  My thoughts are with those people suffering because of the fire in London. When will it all end! So much sadness.
I have been crafting  as I always do! Well, what else would I do to fill the days... and I do enjoy it!
So, parchment first. First one is a Christine Coleman pattern. My less experienced class made this one earlier on. They are learning fast and I hope they enjoyed making this one.

This is a early Judith Maslen design. It will be one of two cards a class can make next week, they can have a choice. Second choice is still in the making. 

Now scrapbooking! This is daughter Angela back in the 90's supporting England. and she and her hubby Marc still do. Worldwide flying the flag! thanks once again to Pol Prince for cutting the title.
The page below was made for a UKS challenge. I needed to use a list of ten things. I used boardwalk papers and a ponty stencil to create the background. the bunting is from Bark collection. by simple stories. 

Next is also a UKS challenge. Chantel taking tiny steps in the garden many years ago now. But she was such a cutie baby.!

Another page (below) for another UKS challenge. I had to distress the card and papers. use a song title, and bling it up!  These are sisters Chantel and Chloe.

this close up shows the perspextive from Bramblefox. I love these things. They are so light and easy to stick onto the page. I also used on on the page I made with the list of ten things. Enjoy is the word I used then. they come is lots of colours and they are adding to their range all the time.

well that's it for this time folks. Please feel free to leave a message. to say you stopped by.
Remember folks spread the love, embrace peoples differences. be kind and nice and if you can't say something positive/nice don't say anything at all! The world needs all the love and positively  it can get right now! take care..see ya all next time!

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  1. I love the Judith Maslen design Lynn - such a pretty one! I love your scrapbooking pages...There is such a variety of styles in them. It seems like there definitely is something for everyone! I have often thought about having a go at it, but so far I haven't...Lol!! You never know, one of these days!! Love work as always Lynn xx