Tuesday, 13 December 2016

hello, I'm back!

Sorry I have been away from blog land but.... I had to go back into hospital and have a third operation on my hip! This time a general check up found the rod in the leg had snapped and so all the metal work needed to be replaced. I sat there for a week waiting for a plan! Which ended up being a guy who is a specialist on repairing hips! Now it seems its a waiting game.. will the bone grow onto the rod and get strong before the new rod snaps! No one knows.... watch this space!
I do know I am missing my fur baby who is with family in the south until I can walk him safe and sound. So grateful for family who have taken Leo in and loved him and cared for him....
So, back to crafting. I have been busy. Well, what can I do other then craft when I cant walk far!
These are Christmas cards, I made so few this year. I have used a free pattern from Anne Quinn for Joy and Peace and really enjoyed doing my own thing with the design.Below is a free pattern by Julie
Roces. I love her designs and again I used my own ideas to complete the design.I used two layers of parchment so I could cut out the oval.
Next is a Linda Williams design from the Parchment magazine. I think I used a card-stock that is a little too dark but I plan on remaking this one using blue vellum and a lighter shade of card. For this one I dorso-ed the back of regular  parchment.

So, not able to decide what to make next, I pulled seven old parchment mags out from a crate and challenged myself to make at least two designs from each magazine. This is the first one. A Tina Cox design... Tina is a lovely soul and her designs are a joy are make. I dip dotted in ink and it will be ideal for a mans birthday! The male  birthdays are ALWAYS the hardest to make a card for!
Now then, I have made a couple more birthday cards but...those will have to wait for they have a date on and if the people they are meant for take a peep at my blog then their card won't be a surprise on their big day..and that's not fair so look out for those later in the year!
I hope to blog again soon as there are other cards that need to be photo-ed! and more on my table as work in progress!
MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all and I hope 2017 will be a great, healthy happy year for us all.
Thanks for looking at my blog a even bigger thank you if you left a comment, always nice to know there's someone out there!
Remember folks its the season of good will towards all men and women and kiddies and fur baby's! 
so, spread the love and live and let live in peace and joy and love!
Oh! important too Remember please
dogs and cats and puppies and kittens and all cute furry things are for life not just Christmas!
so before buying one has a gift please think about it carefully.
thank you!

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