Sunday, 21 August 2016

a morning with my art jorunal

well, I decided the AJ had sat on the shelf  long enough without being used and it must be feeling sad. I felt the need to get messy and here is the result , I got a lot out my system this morning. It is amazing how paint and ink and gesso can clear your mind .... I got a bit sad and disgusted by something I read.. not about me I may add but I felt sad that people could be so yuk. this morning well, new day and all that jazz and I decided to let it all float in the ether, life is too short. so, yesterday I made a new scrappy page. Son in law  Marc with his partner in crime Leo, my dog. They jog for miles, and enjoy it. Marc took a selfie.... so this is a happy page, shows the joy of simple things and the friendship
of a guy and a dog! I have another couple of pages all prepped ready to let the feelings flow. that I will post another day. But please people remember.... to each their own choices. It may not be your bag but hey ho spread the love and leave the hate behind... with everything happening in the world right now....we could all do with a spoonful of acceptance and a jug of understanding and bucket full of love! be nice out there!


  1. Great blog post Lynn!! Keep spreading the love, the laughter and life itself. It is a beautiful world out there, with many kind and lovely people(of which you are one!). xx