Saturday, 21 May 2016

been a while

Its been a while since I up dated the blog, I have been busy in the mean time crafting away. There are more items to be added once I get the camera out and transfer the pics into the PC,  I have been sorting out the craft stuff and slimming down. I am busy working out what storage I need. I am buying Fernli A4 stackable storage for A4 card and I need heaps of 12x12 plastic boxes for scrappy papers. I am still recovering from the falls I had last year. I'm back at the hospital this coming week for another check up. I am taking part in UKS whisper page and card swap. The card with the bike on is one for that swap so is the clocks cards. The bike is the card I set off and will be changed has it gets passed along the chain. I received a card with clocks on as my first whisper card and the black and gold card I added just now is my version of the card I received. At the end we all see the cards have changed since they set off its interesting to see ideas based on one idea and see how they change. The Chloe page is also for the whisper swap. I hope you enjoy looking please leave a comment if able, it encourages me to keep blogging !

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